Do you suffer from joint pain? Do you have sore knees, fingers, shoulders or elbows? Are you missing out on life because you're not as flexible as you'd like to be?

Joint health problems can affect people of all ages, but taking early precautions can prevent more serious joint conditions.

This site, under the guidance of Natural Health Advisory Service founder Maryon Stewart is aimed at helping you maintain healthy joints. Prevention is almost always better than cure, so maintaining healthy joints through exercise, diet taking a joint flexibility supplement can all be beneficial for your joint health. Your relief for joint pain starts here.

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Sore, tender, painful joints?
The ABCs of Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondroitin Sulfate and Celadrin explained.

If you've been suffering from painful joints, in your research for relief you may have come across these three popular terms: Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Celadrin. Here we explain the basics of what you need to know to make informed decisions on how to treat and ease the pain of osteoarthritis (OA), the most prevalent type of arthritis. »

Is your diet making you ache?

A survey conducted by the Natural Health Advisory Service has found that women in the UK are not taking simple lifestyle steps to improve their health and ensure they live a longer and happier life. The survey of 1,200 women aged between 35 to 65 years reveals how those looking after themselves are happier, have more energy, less joint pain and a higher libido!

Despite the barrage of good health messages from the media, middle age women are not ߢ

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Do you feel like your joints need oiling?

Of course, people only get interested and motivated, once their joints become troublesome.

Sometimes, even then, they donߢt necessarily heed the wake up call as they may well be lacking in education. Once joints become troublesome the chances are that the spiral of worsening arthritis is already in motion. The effort to manage the deteriorating joint is then about breaking the spiral and, over time, even reversing it so that you get back to being mobile and pain free.

Arthritis, gingivitis, heart disease and psoriasis are conditions that ߢ

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Use it or lose itߢfeeling 90 before your time?

Madonna has turned 50 and is still strutting her stuff thinking nothing of doing the splits during her routine. If we didnߢt know we would never guess that sheߢs reached the half century mark.

This must support the argument that if you use it you wonߢt necessarily lose it! But most of us donߢt have flexible joints as we age and often feel old before our time because of the aches and pains that often develop into arthritis in one form or another which can be painful and debilitating.

Arthritis is the single biggest cause of ߢ

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How to enjoy glorious sex, in spite of joint pain

I hope this blog title gets your attention.

Joking aside, itߢs one of those ߢsensitiveߢ subjects you may not talk about in public company, but itߢs a very real topic of concern Iߢve come across frequently in my consultations with patients at the Natural Health Advisory Service. Just because some of us are at that ߢcertain ageߢ, it doesnߢt mean our sex drive automatically slips into slow gear. ߢ

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